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My name is Casey. I am a dude from Northern California. I play games of all types incessantly. I am very much in love with a beautiful. incredible woman. I have a slight vinyl/board game/Magic: The Gathering addiction. Life is a simple process that I'm adept at fucking up. Enjoy this amalgamation of my thoughts, emotions, passions, pleasures, and other nondescript nouns.

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Hey. You.

No, not you.
I’m talking to my girlfriend, douche.

Yeah, you would think I was talking to you. 

Anyway, you.

You are my heart and soul. You make every moment of my life more precious and worthwhile. We spend all of our time apart, but to still love each other so strongly, to be so strong, means that something is right. I’ve never felt so much adoration and respect and trust and lust for someone as I do for you, and to have that emotion returned in the surest way, is something I could never bear without.

I love you, Jenny Lee.
And though I kinda come off as a tool sometimes, and I’m so young, and I’m lazy and nervous and strange, you see more of me at any one time than anybody ever has. You are everything to me, and I hope I can be that for you…

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